WordPress has a powerful load of features that are implemented using plugins. One such feature is SMTP. SMTP helps your WordPress installation send mails e.g password reset mails, order confirmation mails for ecommerce systems and other mails that it may need to send.

It is thus very crucial to configure SMTP on your site and lucky for us, this is as easy as a configuration can get.

Below are the steps to make your wordpress site send mails well on any hosting


Ensure you have already created an email address you will use to send mails from your cPanel. If you have not, use this guide

Install and Activate WP Mail SMTP

Update your Email Details

If your setup was correct, you will see a Finish Setup button to complete setup

Video on how to configure SMTP

Below is a 2 minute video on how to configure SMTP

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Note: this is culled from truehost documentation

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